The berries utilized in our products are locally sourced from sustainable suppliers that are well-renowned for the exceptional quality of their fruits.


The fruits and vegetables selected for our freeze-dried products are picked at the peak of their freshness, ensuring vibrancy of colour and maximum flavour.


We offer free delivery to all customers within the Greater Vancouver Area. Minimum order of $2000 is required.

Preserve nutrition and colour, easy to store, healthy and additive-free

When compared with fresh produce, freeze-dried fruits and vegetables enjoy a long shelf life. As a bonus, freeze-dried products are completely shelf-stable, requiring no refrigeration.

For fruit or vegetable to become freeze-dried, it is subject to a process called lyophilization. During lyophilization, excess water is removed from the product to yield a product that will not readily decompose or become subject to mold or rot.

Supreme Freeze Dry has successfully provided our high-quality lyophilized foods to our valued customers for over seven years. We proudly export our freeze-dried fruits and vegetables to countries like Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, and Malaysia.

Mr. Sun, the founder of Supreme Freeze Dry, immigrated to Canada in 2012. One of these first observations of his new country was that their natural green foods lacked longevity, quickly losing both their nutrition and flavour. To help solve this problem, Mr. Sun sought to create a plant for freeze-drying in Canada.

Mr. Sun brought almost 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of food machinery to the project. With a team of professionals in Dalian, China, with advanced working knowledge of the most sophisticated freeze-drying technology to assist him, Mr. Sun and his colleagues could produce an energy-efficient and highly effective machine.

Supreme Freeze Dry can offer a wide range of high-quality freeze-dried products to clients throughout the world. We also provide consultations and equipment to help other business owners to set up their freeze-drying plants.

why choose us

Wide range services

Supreme Freeze Dry Ltd is a freeze-dry manufacturer located in Coquitlam, BC with a facility area of 6,500 square feet. We believe in healthy living, therefore we’re devoted to supplying nutrition-rich freeze-dried products to our customers!

Supreme Freeze Dry offers a wide range of services to help meet our customers’ specific needs for freeze-dried products. Among our most popular offerings are our berry powders. Crafted from only the finest quality, handpicked berries, our berry powders are made from locally sourced, clean, and sustainably grown fruit.

Freeze-dried berries offer an excellent snack for people on the go. They pair well with trail mix for those who enjoy the active lifestyle or can quickly be packaged to enjoy at work on a coffee break or as a sweet finish to a healthy lunch.

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